Thursday, February 18, 2010

act 1>>:/worth the bytes...

Wahhh long time loo xupdate my blog.. ekeke.. busy playing games maaa.. haiyaa speaking in slang coz new year maahh.. ekekeke..

A week long holiday.. and i am busy finishing every single video games that i had.. Finished playing Mass Effect 2 (Miranda grrr miaww.. hehe..) darm good game bcoz almost 100% never skip the dialog.. wahh cannot wait for Mass Effect 3.. dis year 2 bioware rpg i suda balon kasi habes.. Dragon Age Origin n Mass Effect 2.. Now im playing Bioshock 2 n im still not feeling it... hmmm.. also torrenting 15gb AvP.. hope the game worth the bytes..

Orait.. Here is "the week" games, apps, tech, food..... bla bla.. etc.

Sound of the week - Carla Bruni - L'Amoureuse

(Et je chante pour toi la seule de toute les choses)

Games of the week - Alien vs Predator

(Better that movie??)

Hardware of the week - Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Toxic OC Edition


Application of the week - JDownloader

(Rapid Penang pon bole add jgk nih)

TV Series of the week - Chuck Season 3

(Guys.. i know kung fu..)

Gadget of the week - Window Phone 7

(iphone killah?? ermm..)

Babes of the week - Jeisa Chiminazzo


Animal of the week - Rabbit???? Wtf r u??


FML of the week

"Today, I realized I know the map on World of Warcraft better than the map of my own country. FML"

aiyaaaa byk sgt lah.. ill add later in act 2..

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a.l.e.f.a.h said...

gila tercOmel haiwan itu!
mate die kne tumbOk ke?

bukan flu2 week ke?ekekeke